On Monday, many experts had asked why there were no specific provisions in the Constitution on gender equality and no specific anti-discrimination laws in Singapore. While the legal basis for gender equality might not be as specific as the Committee might like, Article 12 of the Constitution provided a sufficient guarantee of equality to all Singaporeans, men and women.

At the same time, issues of subject choice and sex-differentiated curriculum as well as the embedding of gender ideology in https://www.revistasatori.com.ar/sin-categoria/what-made-these-ordinary-israeli-women-turn-to-sex-work-life-culture/ curricular materials and school disciplinary codes are also examined in the light of how the concept of femininity is constructed in the school curriculum. In 2021, the proportion of seats held by women in the national parliament in Singapore remained nearly unchanged at around 29.81 percent. At present, there is a low presence of female participants in the political arena of Singapore.

From the time Singapore gained self-government, both girls and boys have been given equal opportunities in education. This access to education has resulted https://pandi.rkreza.com/leadership-organization-for-young-palestinian-and-israeli-women/ in increased female literacy and improved social and economic status for women. However, in spite of this improvement, women’s gender ideologies remain conservative and patriarchal. The mode of delivery should be discussed adequately with pregnant women taking into consideration their preferences and any obstetric indications. In our study, 53% of women would choose to have a caesarean section over a vaginal delivery if they were diagnosed with COVID-19. A. Khalil et al. showed that nearly half of pregnant women infected with COVID-19 had caesarean deliveries .

Our survey showed that Malay pregnant women are likely to practice safe distancing and sanitise their hands at a higher frequency compared to Chinese to minimise the spread of COVID-19. In addition, women attending ‘high-risk’ clinics are more likely to stay at home compared to women attending ‘general clinics’. A plausible explanation suggests that women with high risk pregnancies are more likely to stay at home to minimize themselves or their foetuses from being infected with COVID-19 when compared to women with low risk pregnancies. Social media and information access in Singapore are readily available via the internet with majority owning mobile devices.

  • She agreed that meritocracy could be discriminatory if there was no attempt to level the playing field.
  • It also entitles the Committee to conduct inquiries into grave or systematic violations of the Convention.
  • In 2000, the country had allocated 3.6 per cent to its gross domestic product to education.
  • In 2007, marital rape was recognized under certain circumstances that signaled marriage breakdown.
  • However, the large majority of the local Singaporean population own mobile devices which makes the online survey easily accessible for participation.

Of those, only about 7 per cent had aborted for medical or contraceptive failure. While the decision to abort was a private one, the Termination of Pregnancy Act required women to attend counselling conducted by trained counsellors. The aim was to help those who wanted to “keep the pregnancy”, but were unable to do so for economic or other reasons. Regarding equal rights with respect to nationality or children , a member of the delegation said that the grant of citizenship to a child born of a Singaporean father by descent was not absolute. For example, if the child, though his or her birth acquired a foreign citizenship and his or her father was a citizen by registration, then the child had no right to https://thegirlcanwrite.net/singapore-women/ Singaporean citizenship. If the Constitution was changed to allow for citizenship by descent to children born overseas to either a Singaporean mother or father, then there was a chance that the child could end up having several nationalities at birth.

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She said the working terms and conditions for civil service employees was not covered by the Employment Act, but by instruction manuals, which provided better terms and benefits than those in the Employment Act. To the expressed concern that workers on contract and those working in export promotion zones would be denied employment benefits, she said that those zones had not been designated to exclude workers from the mainstream of the economy. The delegation also explained the exclusions to the compulsory education act, saying that the number of students exempted was very small. Scholarships were open to all students and were awarded on the basis of individual merit. The Public Service Commission usually received twice as many applications from male students as from female ones. Continuing on Article 5, a representative highlighted the various criminal procedural and evidential provisions, which afforded protection to witnesses who testified against traffickers.

Chapter 5: Discipline of Girls: The Conundrum of Modern Education

It has been assumed that because girls and boys are given equal opportunities in education, there are no important gender issues in the sphere of education. This book questions such an assumption and problematizes the role of education as a liberating force for women to investigate if education has indeed liberated women or entrapped them in subordination in a patriarchal society.

As there is no convincing evidence of vertical transmission, vaginal delivery is not contraindicated in patients with COVID-19 . Thus, Caesarean section is preferred over vaginal delivery in the face of maternal deterioration and fetal compromise where delivery is imminent. However, logistical issues can arise from the transfer of patients in hospital to labour ward or the availability of operating theatre to perform a caesarean section with negative pressure to minimize the risk of transmission. Hence, clinicians should counsel women on the appropriate mode of delivery as there is a lack of data and uncertainty surrounding the risk of perinatal transmission during vaginal deliveries. The Government of Singapore, she said, had to be sensitive to the different cultural and religious beliefs of its people, as they were the foundation of the country’s social and political stability. No legislation had specifically set out a definition of discrimination against women, but she agreed that it should cover both intentional discrimination and discrimination in effect. There could be instances, however, where specific policies, laws or practices might, in effect, not be fully consistent with the Convention.

In 2007, marital rape was recognized under certain circumstances that signaled marriage breakdown. A committee called for the repeal of any kind of marital rape immunity on 9 September 2018.